Friday, January 12, 2007

E-Voting Hijinks: Florida Style

Check out this article over at Security Focus on Florida's - and by extension, the country's - e-Voting "issues."

2.6.20 Virtualization

I found this article over at Linux.com about the steady progress of virtualization in the Linux Kernel.

The quote one resource from the article: "Essentially this is building a super chroot facility."

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Greener Wal-Mart

Yesterday's Times had an article about Wal-Mart's new initiatives to make itself more environmentally friendly. This is similar to an article I read a few weeks ago in Outside mag. (thanks to reader Saw Donkey for the subscription).

The article touches on Wal-Mart's support of compact fluorescent light bulbs. There are plenty of tid-bits about CF bulbs in the article that should convince you to switch if you haven't done so already. Take a look at the multi-media and graphs for more info on CF.

Mrs. Ober and I have 48 bulbs in our house. Since we purchased our house in 2003, we've managed to get 15 of our bulbs to CF. However, the majority of our bulbs are in our track lights, outside flood lights, or hanging lights that have not burned out yet and are not used as often as the lamps. Those are slated to be replaced with CF when the time comes. (Two flood lights are out! Time to up the number to 17 by tonight).

Go Wal-Mart? Go Obers!

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