Thursday, December 28, 2006

Winter Upgrade and Maintenance Season

Winter is upon us and so that means two things for cyclists: Riding the road bike on reasonably warm days and overhauling the mountain bikes. We've already put in our orders for our various component needs here at Team Ober. Here's my list.

I'm long overdue for a new crank set. I replaced my bottom bracket this spring but that was only a stop gap. It's sort of obvious what I'm putting on the bike...and that would be the Shimano XT Hollowtech II.

The most embarrassing component on my current bike is the stock stem. At 10 degrees and 90mm it is a very unaggressive and safe configuration that no longer matches my riding style. We've decided to go with another industry staple: The Race Face Deus XC. I like the 5 degree angle and have gone with an added 10mm on the length to get me farther out over the front wheel.

Finally, and predictably again, we're going with an Easton Monkeylite XC rise bar. After talking with just about everybody this seemed like a very logical choice based on the quality and reputation of Easton's products.

My next upgrade is going to involve my seatpost. Easton or Thompson? Can't say just yet.

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