Thursday, June 15, 2006

Charlotte Observer in Guantanamo: Gonzo-burgers

There are more than a few interesting wrinkles in the entire Guantanamo saga and within each incident. Here is but one of my favourites, in quote form, regarding a story the Observer was doing:
"He was doing a hometowner, a hometowner takes one day," the Pentagon press officer told the magazine. "You would think that a man allowed down for a whole week would be a bit more gracious about it. Have the good grace and class to leave."

There's an interesting assumption made by the powers-that-be and made in clear text: the press should be grateful for the limited access it gets and mind its words.

Of course, that's just one man's take.

Hopped up on Goofball

While attempting to be more competitive - levels of success questionable - I've made a few modifications to my race and post-workout / post-race nutritional intake.

After experimenting with gels for years I believe I've found a product that can be handled better and offers better results. Enervitene offers at least one very clear advantage to other gels: it can be handled by a rider, mid-race, with full-finger gloves. This is because of the hard plastic neck on the package. Other products simply endanger my life and my competitors’' lives by making me fumble around for them and with them as I try to get them open. Enervitene is easy to ingest as it is a liquid as opposed to a gel and so far the energy boost is at least satisfactory in both the short-term and long.

Post-workout and post-competition, I've started using EnduroxR4. If not mixed correctly, EnduroxR4 tastes like a corpse. But with directions followed and fresh lemon splashed in, it's actually palatable. How does it perform though is what you're really asking right? Well, so far the only thing I've really noticed is a real lack of lactic acid after tough rides and that’s a great thing. Tonight is an important night in our relationship though as I'll be lifting. And cyclists the world over know what a mid-season lift is like (See: horrible pain and suffering). I’ll let you know.


From the wonderful world of Firefox / Mozilla add-ons comes No Script. No Script takes the "default deny" approach when it comes to JavaScript.

NoScript allows you to create a whitelist of sites and blocks all others. Once you install, you'll be surprised what's happening in the ugly world of JavaScript. Plus, NoScript even allows you to turn on an audio notification (NoScript | Options | Appearance | Audio Feedback when sites are blocked).

Download here.

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