Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gillespie on Fox; Idiots Respond

Nick Gillespie from Reason was on Bill O'Reilly's program May 2. He argued consistently in favour of those things libertarians cherish: Free expression and limited government. A transcript can be found here.

What was least funny but most predictable was the batch of letters Mr. Gillespie received from O’Reilly’s viewers. Keep in mind that Reason has a long history conservative / libertarian points-of-view and Mr. Gillespie represents those views well.

Because O'Reilly teamed Gillespie in the typical split-screen face-off with a nationalist Republican (aren't they all?), O'Reilly's viewers assumed Gillespie was a Pinko Lefty...and they noted their thoughts accordingly. Read the letters but prepare not to laugh as Mr. Gillespie is compared to Al-Qaeda, NAMBLA, and is called a "*&^%&&^% WOP."

High Society Indeed.


I wanted to take a second and thank whoever it was that got me and Mrs. Ober a subscription to Outside magazine. It was unexpected but really appreciated. I've always wanted to subscribe but my subscription to Big Jugs Monthly filled my magazine subscription quota.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Notes on Bike Repair

I ran into some headset issues this past weekend and I wanted to post a quick note about it.

If you find you have a loose stem, you may notice a few issues. Most can be detected by riding and feeling slack in your steering or by holding the brake and rocking the front wheel back and forth; you should feel a click and movement where none should be (as you have the front brake on).

But here is the point of my post. You probably already did this search like I did or picked up your copy of Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance. What you may not get from these posts (all very helpful) is how to avoid completely destroying your threads within the headset.

First, when adjusting the headset bolt, you'll notice that the stem (example of a stem here) is connected and sits on top of your spacers. What I found was that you must loosen the stem to allow the headset bolt to be tightened down. If you don't, you will be tightening a bolt without giving it the ability to work its way into more thread space.

Punch line: Loosen the stem when tightening the headset. When the headset is adequately secure / tight, go back and make sure the stem is tight. That way, you'll have a secure stem and headset and avoid striping threads.

Monday, May 01, 2006

John Kenneth Galbraith 1908 - 2006

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