Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Reversal

After switching to Gary Fisher / Trek a few years ago, as Team Ober owner and captain, I thought we would never go back to Cannodale. While that has been true for the ladies team, riding Trek this year for both MTB and Road, the men’s team is split.

We made the decision last night to literally split our stable down the middle between Cannondale and Fisher (which is part of the Trek family). After researching cost, components, frames, and performance, the candidates were few: Trek and Cannondale. But after an eleventh-hour test ride and meeting with the mechanics we went with Cannondale.

This year, Team Ober will be riding Fisher for MTB but the Cannondale Synapse will be used for road training and competition. While we don't do road racing, we will be riding across a few states this year; namely Indiana. And when we do, we'll be using our new Cannondales.

And if you will be in any of the states in which we compete, we'd love to have you come out and cheer us on. See you there or go to hell!

Rumours of Futurama

This is exciting. The possibility of Futurama back on the air? Excellent!

The Summer of Ober

As Spring approaches I find myself looking forward to the upcoming season. Reaching a key milestone a few weeks ago, I weighed in at 165 lbs. After eating desert for 2 days in Washington D.C., that climbed a tad. But if you had to put up with Bob Woodward's bloviating, you'd indulge your sweet tooth too. (That's another story; I'll get to that sometime....maybe).

With my body weight decreasing, a successful weightlifting and spinning regimen is paying dividends. I've made a real effort this off-season to put in quality free-weight time and effort. I'm feeling stronger then ever. We’ve hired a team spinning coach to work with us as well. While getting up at 5:30 am isn't much fun, the strength and endurance is noticeable. Simply put, I'm not used to putting in such a long endurance rides at such a high rate of speed this time of year. I attribute the spinning sessions as well as the free-weight work to the high standard I'm setting right now.

But the other Ober in our stable of athletes is preparing for a successful triathlon and mini-marathon season. Mrs. Ober is stronger and more prepared than ever. With a new Trek road bike, Mrs. Ober can begin putting more road miles in and competing in the actual race with a quality machine. (Reader and legendary Triathlon-er Nickel knows something about this).

Finally, we are preparing the the Captain's father-in-law to begin shattering times set last year. Yesterday, the Admiral blew his last year's time away by 14 minutes. As well as Mrs. Ober and I, he is preparing for a watershed season.

It is truly going to be the summer of Ober.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wrong Way

Here in Charlotte, NC, we've had a spate of highway accidents involving drivers going the wrong way on the highway. No, I'm not posting this as a joke. 7 people have died in the last 5 months involved in wrong-way collisions on the interstates. Simply one of the most bizarre things I've every seen.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Katrina Video and Article

A few questions raised by this article and video from the AP: First, if it weren't for leaks, nobody would know anything about this administration and the goings-on within it. Second, at what point will people realize this administration has no credibility when they speak?

As George Bush himself said, "Fool me once...shame on...me... Fool me twice....we can't get fooled again!"

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