Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Rove: Laughable
“There is so much ugliness and viciousness and fundamental untruths...,” he lamented. “It also is a vehicle for ugly rumors, for scurrilous personal attacks, an avenue for the creation of urban legends which are deeply corrosive of the political system and of people’s faith in it.”

No, via Drudge, Karl Rove isn't describing the 2000 South Carolina primary in which John McCain's honour and integrity were assaulted, he is describing the blogosphere. By Rove's description, it sounds like he'd be a perfect blogger.

Simply Laughable.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Legal Scope Creep - PATRIOT Act Style

Here's a nice article over at Reason on the implications of the PATRIOT act to our civil liberties. The issue made in the article, and perhaps my opinion, isn't that the PATRIOT Act is neither good nor bad per se, but rather the proverbial doors that it opens are problematic. (I'm not arguing in this post about the PATRIOT Act's virtues or lack thereof).

The article, titled "Making A Meth of the PATRIOT Act", discusses our government's usage of legislation written to stop terrorism to stop everything and anything else "undesirable" to elected officials.

As my wife's liberal ranting around our house pushes me further and further to the conservative - libertarian side, I can't help but look on at the unholy alliance of Dianne Feinstein and Charlie Dent and fear for civil liberty. What people need to do more of is question power itself rather than party affiliation.

Sound and Print

I've updated the diverts area of this site for those of you following the things that keep me entertained / sane.

The Strokes new album, First Impression of Earth is pretty good. It's not great but I've listened to it 4 or 5 times now and still find I'm able to rock out. I disagree will most critics who give it a reluctant 3 stars. It's darker and longer (in recording time) then the previous two.

Sigur Ros' new long-player has been out for a while but I finally got around to picking it up. It's an enjoyable record. My buddy at the record store says that the live show was the best he's ever seen; his words, not mine.

Billy Bragg has released new, re-issued material (sort of a contradiction in terms there huh?). I picked up The Internationale / Live and Dubious because it had a DVD and some tracks that I didn't have in my otherwise extensive Billy Bragg collection. My local record store had James Brown Live at The Apollo and the two Cream records noted for $10 so I couldn't pass those up. Readers of this blog and those that are lucky enough to talk to the Ober know he's been listening to a lot of James Brown over the last several months.

Finally, I made the decision to read William Faulkner's The Sound and The Fury. I'm not finished with it but if you pick this book up just out of the blue and begin reading it like your run-of-the-mill Tom Clancy offering, your eyes will invariably start bleeding at some point. You'll want to consult with someone that knows something about the book first, luckily I had a few resources including reader, buddy, and full-time dancer, Razum. If Razum doesn't return your calls, you may try these resources on the web: University of Saskatchewan English department; GradeSaver

Friday, February 10, 2006

Bottled Water Drinkers are Idiots

Via Drudge
Once the water is consumed, disposing the plastic bottles poses an environmental risk.
The study, citing the Container Recycling Institute, said that 86 percent of plastic water bottles in the United States end up as garbage and those buried can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade.

I've never understood bottled water. I've blogged about it a few times. The consumption of it strikes me as a most vain, self-absorbed, selfish act. It is pointless, expensive, and ignorant. ...and oh yes, it damages our ecosystem.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Fat Tire Bike Week

It's official! Fat Tire Bike Week in Crested Butte will be held June 19 - 25. While the schedule has not been posted to the FTBW site, the schedule can be found at the Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce site.

Hope to see you all there!

The NHL and NBC

After last year’s lockout, ESPN decided not to cover the NHL. Frankly, that scared the hell out of me. When I learned OLN would be covering the NHL, that scared me even more. But then a beacon of hope appeared: The NHL on NBC

Every Saturday, NBC covers the NHL in a manner far superior to ESPN could ever. While I miss Gary Thorne a great deal (mostly because he is the only hockey announcer I have ever known), NBC's announcers are sufficiently capable.

What sets NBC's coverage apart - other than being on every Saturday (and Monday's and Tuesday's on OLN) - is what I would describe as the love-of-the-game angle. Unlike ESPN with Barry Melrose just talking about players and league-wide trades and stats, NBC's approach is to embrace the entire game. Bill Clement's love of the game has always been obvious and Melrose's is undeniable. But the ability of NBC to put the hosts in a hockey setting at NBC's studios at 30 Rockefeller plaza far exceeds that of ESPN's (or OLN's) sterile studio environment. Putting the hosts on the ice during intermissions is the icing on the broadcasting cake – so to speak.

Seeing your hosts on the field - or ice - of play is something NFL broadcasters have been doing for years. So why did it take NHL broadcasts so long? What we've all wanted for years is discussion of strategy, X's and O's, player profiles, tips and tricks, and most important, passion. NBC has delivered where ESPN failed for so many years.

Last year's lockout was painful. But from its ashes came a number of good rule changes, a great rookie class (two of them to be precise), and a revamped take on broadcasting hockey. For those of us living in the present, things are good.

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