Thursday, October 27, 2005

2006 F1 Schedule and Rule Changes

There are plenty of articles out there with enough information - including the F1 website - about the 2006 F1 season. Here's but one I found.

I'm pleased that the FIA are allowing tire changes, curious about the "knock-out" qualifying format, but overall a little miffed about the constant rule changes. The one thing that concerns me most about the qualifying however, is the likelihood that a lesser-runner will wreck a front-runner. But we'll see how it all works out.

Those of you in North America should mark your calendars and plan on hanging with the Obers in Montreal on the 25th of June and in Indianapolis on the 2nd of July. See you then.

Go Mclaren!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Building a Fortune

I read this fine article by David Bach and thought it was worth sharing. His point is that by watching your less pricey expenditures you can amass quite a fortune.

Naturally, the first expenditure I thought of was bottled water. What a waste. Try a drinking fountain you dolts!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Seeing, Hearing, Doing

It's been a busy few weeks - noted by my lack of blogging. In the midst of the high holiday season, weddings, a cold, work, and a calf injury have been on my mind.

I did manage to catch up with Built To Spill on tour recently. BTS is one of those bands that is either spectacular or so-so (and sometimes bad). The first night I caught them they were good (7.5 or 8 on a 10-point scale). The second night was not great (but still a 5 or 6). I guess one of my complaints would be the constant tuning and tweaking. But, as those of us that have seen them multiple times know, that's just how they are. I'd still pay money to see them a 5th time.

A nagging calf injury is probably going to cost me my one and only pseudo-competitive MTB ride of the season. It definitely has cost me weeks on the bike. Originally, I planned on doing a 50-mile timed ride. I doubt I'll do any of it now. ...but that is also due to the cold I've been struggling with for the last week.

So, there's the scoop on my whereabouts. Thanks for the Yom Kippur wished "Nickel." Hope your day of atonement was better than mine!

Reviews: The Mars Volta's Frances The Mute

Those not familiar with The Mars Volta are going to have a hard time with this review. I'm not much on explaining types of music and I really don't care to explain the concept of The Mars Volta. If you know of them or have heard them, then continue reading. If not, the only thing I can say is that you should not be listening to the first few seconds of each track. As I told a friend of mine, The Mars Volta should be listened to while wearing a smoking jacket and monocle sitting in a nice comfortable faux-leather chair.

After De-loused in the Crematorium, we were all a little confused, impressed, bewildered, shocked, and generally exited to hear what would come next.

Frances the Mute offers the listener an uninterrupted themed (I'm not going to use the "C" word) record tackling a number of styles. First, let me say how much I love albums that are sequenced with a purpose; a lot! Next, I love albums that flow seamlessly. This record does just that.

But what about the tunes you ask? At times I couldn't decide if I wanted to play air lead guitar, air bass, or air drums; some tracks I do all three as best I can. That's my way of saying that the record is "compelling;" it compels me to rock my ass off. It features much of the same musical mastery The Mars Volta have given us live or on previous releases. The jams are great, lyrics are crazy, and the end result is a happy listener - or air guitarist.

While I'm not crazy about the first track, end-to-end, I'm collectively pleased as punch with Frances the Mute.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Rosh HaShanah

Here's wishing all a safe and enjoyable Rosh HaShanah. Even the schleps that show up to Temple once a year...

I Read So You Don't Have To

Two quick links for those who enjoy political humour. Both links are from Reason magazine.

Titled, Sonny Perdue: Moron and The World's Most Degenerative Body, these articles are sure to make you shake your head. The first is fairly self-explanatory. The second is a quick recap of the Roberts confirmation hearings.


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