Monday, August 30, 2004

The President Appreciates You

Another tough Q & A period for the leader of the free world. Too bad we don't have any press conferences with real questions and answers.

See how many times Bush says "appreciate". Is this a new trend of which I'm unaware? Is this guy the dumbest President ever? Possibly. Are people that vote for him horribly misguided? I can't see any other explanation.

Pro-Bush supporter, "Why yes, I do support a highly secretive government, a limited real discourse with citizens, irresponsible tax breaks for the rich, the roll-back of environmental legislation, deceptive practices - even leading to wars, and smear campaigns against Democratic and Republican veterans".

Olympics, Not Bad Says Ober

The '04 Olympics have concluded and I'm eating a little crow. I was one of those people that believed the games would have to be moved to Sydney or would, unfortunately, be marred by violence of some sort. I'm glad to be sorely mistaken. Nicely done you swarthy Greeks!

The closing ceremonies were just like any other ceremony other then the coronation of a king: effeminate. All things considered, I enjoyed the games.

Here is something I didn't enjoy. This jackass ruined the marathon for me and for 1st place runner Vanderlei de Lima.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Simple Linux Steps

I had a question posed to me this week regarding older Linux kernels showing up in GRUB.

The scenario would go something like this: You are a new Linux user and you try to update your system by using Up2date or Yum. You successfully grab everything you need and reboot your system (although not necessary - I'm saying that you reboot at some random time.)

Now, when you reboot, rather then seeing one kernel in GRUB, you see two. The next time you update your system, you see three....and so on. Seeing as you like to keep things in order, you would like to just have 1 or 2 kernels from which to choose.

Here are a few points to consider:

If you have the space, having multiple kernels isn't a bad idea. If you would like to hide the kernels, you'll have to ask someone else how to do that - that's not my job today!

If you absolutely have to remove them - here are the steps:
su - This gives you Root privs with Root's path
uname -a Checks to see which kernel your currently logged into
rpm -qa | grep -i kernel Checks all kernels currently installed
rpm -e kernel-xxxxxxxx.rpm Final step - this removes the kernel

Why I'm I posting this today? Well, I have lost my hard drive on my work PC - so I'm spending a little time tuning one of my Linux boxes. More on my odyssey with tech support at a later date.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Morrissey announces U.S. and U.K. tour dates!

More here from Pitchfork.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

All Hail Ober, Your Superior

A few weeks ago my doctor told me to schedule a physical. Seems that Ober has hit a milestone - as far as age is concerned.

The results of that physical are in: Ober is your superior!

With cholesterol of 130 and "bad" cholesterol at 72, ridiculously low rates of toxins, crazy anti-bodies, and a cast of a thousand other indicators, one would have to forgive Ober for 1) referring to himself in the 3rd person, and 2) for tooting his own horn.

So do I not drink? Nope. I've had a drink - sometimes 5 - for the last 30 days or so. Snacks? You bet! Coffee? Yes please.

Here's the secret: Don't eat meat, exercise regularly, go easy on the snacks, and as a rule, avoid anything synthetic or somewhat artificial or carcinogenic, e.g., high fructose corn syrup, sweet 'n low, cigarettes, etc. But the bottom line is that you have to burn all the calories that you consume. Pretty simple stuff. Moderation and common sense.

It doesn't sell books but makes me superhuman.

Soft Drinks Bad? No Way!

Today's "No Shit" headline from the Mercury News: "Study links soft drinks to high rate of diabetes".

But you know, I say that it should be a no-brainer - but it isn't. People still consume mass amounts of garbage and still can't figure out why they are "sick". Morons.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Anti-Spyware Sites via ISC

A few days ago the Internet Storm Center as SANS posted some valuable links for spyware identification and/or removal. Here are the links and here is the original page:


Spybot - Search & Destroy :http://security.kolla.de/ orhttp://www.safer-networking.org
TDS-3 - Trojan Defence Suitehttp://tds.diamondcs.com.au/
Process Explorerhttp://www.sysinternals.com/


Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products & Web Sites:http://www.spywarewarrior.com/rogue_anti-spyware.htm
Broadband Reports (aka DSL Reports):http://www.dslreports.com/forum/security,1

Please note, some or all of these tools are NOT for the novice, and should be used with GREAT care. If you are not careful, you may damage parts of your operating system.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Sprawl Blows; Detroit's Battle

Check out this article from the Metro Times called A Case Against Sprawl.

This article documents a great example of Detroit's, and about every other metropolitan areas', battle with sprawl. A few highlights:

“I love sprawl,” said Patterson in a widely noted article published last fall. “I need it. I promote it. Oakland County can’t get enough of it.”


What’s more, in an era of gaping budget deficits and citizen revolts against higher taxes, maintaining what’s already been built is ultimately a lot less expensive than building anew.


For example, SEMCOG influences spending for the Transportation Economic Development Fund, a federal program designed to invest in urban core redevelopment. From 1988 to 2003, almost $400 million was disbursed in Michigan from the fund, much of it in southeast Michigan. Statewide, just 22 percent of the funds were actually spent in downtowns. The bulk went to suburban and exurban development.


“Our region has practiced an ingrained pattern of build and abandon,” Barwin says, “a practice which is placing a growing number of once proud and vibrant communities and school districts near collapse.”

...but it ain't just Detroit. This is St. Louis, Denver, Nashville, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, etc.....etc...

The Big, Pink Elephant In Athens

I'm not sure if anybody is in Athens for the Olympics. I've seen a fair amount of the events and, like the women's soccer match today, nobody has bothered to show up.

Does this constitute a bust? What happened? And what about the Canadian bloke that crashed the games? How's that for security? Perhaps there is a correlation....

I grabbed some low-hanging fruit regarding attendance here from MSNBC.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Sonic Nurse Rated Excellent By Ober Reviews

I picked up the new Sonic Youth album, Sonic Nurse, the other day. It's a fantastic album! I would venture to say Sonic Nurse is not only a great Sonic Youth record but a great record overall.

I suppose the difference would be that Sonic Youth albums typically appeal to a small group of people. But I could posit that this album may apeal to those that would not normally dig Sonic Youth. I really don't care either way; The longer they stay off of the radar screen of the 95%-ers the happier I'll be.

Give Sonic Nurse a listen.

Friday, August 13, 2004

If A Puck Failed to Drop, Would Anyone Notice?

More news on the forthcoming NHL lockout from ESPN.

I'm not optimistic.

The "Needs More Study" Administration

Holding out for more research, Bush administration officials have argued that "we need a solution comparable to the discovery of electricity before we can get on with the carbon problem,"

While I sometimes have been accused of being a "ready, fire, aim" sorta guy at work, I'm not arguing that here. (Co-worker: "Did you disable my SMTP server" Ober: "Yes, I don't like it" Co-worker: "I need that" Ober: "Sorry")

But in regards to this article from the Monitor, and the now massive amounts of data that are piling up, should we come up with some sort of plan? Maybe at least an acknowledgment that industry is contributing to changes in the Earth's ecosystem? Perhaps an acknowledgments that those changes may not be desirable?

Nah, it needs more study. I wish we could apply that same standard to our wars. Nah, that needs more study too.

NMAP and SP2 for XP: No Mas

If you haven't heard this already then you aren't in IT Security or you should be fired.

Worry not, NMAP has supported OSs that don't have support for raw sockets in the past.

Better Luck Next Time

The media kicking ass and taking no names as usual. From Al Jazeera:

"We should have warned readers we had information that the basis for this was shakier than many believed," [Bob] Woodward adds.

I couldn't find the article over at the Post. Seems they don't have it prominently displayed on their website.

Update: Here's the article at the Post.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Media Matters: Never Heard of 'em Before Tonight

I couldn't sleep tonight so I mistakenly watched Tim Russert entertain Bill O'Reilly and Paul Krugman. Wow, what a poor show. I'm convinced that Bill O'Reilly is incapable of having a civil conversation. But I'm not going to waste my keystrokes on O'Reilly.

What I did learn, from Krugman, was that this site, Media Matters exists.

Now, let's assume everything on this site has a liberal slant, or as O'Reilly said, is in with the KKK. The fact is, they have transcripts and better, they have video. Video is fairly tough to doctor....Especially video that was watched by a few million people.

Check it out for yourself.

When Elementary Teachers Attack!

Part-time Scientist, full-time ethicist, retired teacher, and First Lady Laura Bush tells us all we need to know about stem cell research and why we should ban it.

"It's not fair" to raise false hopes "because stem cell research is very, very preliminary," she said. Alzheimer's contributed to the death of her father in the 1990s.

Oh, ok, well since it contributed to here father's death she must know.

On a related note: Research on Breast Cancer and Cancer of the throat and mouth should be stepped up. That is all.

Can we seriously talk about real news now?

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Fine Art

Bea Arthur: Killing Machine

Sent in by George "I'm to cool to post this shit".

Follow this link for more!

North Korea, Bush, The Messiah, The Case for War

Cherry picking from a post by Atrios, this blog, Where in Washington D.C. is Sun Myung Moon, documents a few interesting things. One of the more interesting tid bits is the fact that the Rev. may have aided North Korea in acquiring submarines - the kind capable of delivering nuclear warhead to the continental U.S.

Where in Washington... is one of the better blogs I've seen these days. But I really didn't like the references to the connection between the Bush Administration and Rev. Moon. Only Clinton is capable of such a dastardly deed - selling our sovereignty to the Chinese - right?

Unfortunately, one can certainly make a case for aggressive military action - war - at this point. I don't make this statement casually. However, North Korea's actions, are presenting more and more of a clear and direct thread to the security of the world - and the U.S.

Draw your own conclusions but I'm not pleased with a "Nuclear Wal-Mart" on the Korean peninsula. Reverend Moon appears to be cool with it. And while appearances in foreign relations can be confusing, it doesn't seem that the Bush Administration is to bent out of shape either.

George Makes News

And to think I met him a few years ago when he was a simple man with a simple plan and a Mac.

Read more about George - and eBay's digital music auction - here.

Thanks to Kop for the link.

Built to Spill Tour, 6th Album News

Bad Ass!

But they won't be visiting my town. Bummer.

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