Friday, July 30, 2004

Ober Demands Feedback; Local News Blows

Having traveled around these 57 some-odd states - or whatever we're up to these days - over the years, I'd like to think I have a little insight into broader American trends. To that end, I would like to reveal one of those trends: Local news casts suck monkey balls.

Seriously, tell me you don't agree. Here's the break down of local news no matter where you are:

Then to Weather with Mitch McDougal, Entertainment with Theresea York, Around the world in 60 seconds, featuring 45 seconds of domestic politics, and rapping it up with the sports recap with Chip Howard.

Now, you may say, "but Ober, you're certainly a deft, handsome, and insightful cat but I don't know what else they could cover".

Here's the problem. The local news channels never carry any stories about local politics. They never really give you a break down on who your local politicians are and what they are voting for. In most cities I know of, local city council meetings' precedings slip under the wire. Meanwhile the a neighborhood is annexed using imminent domain power and an enormous office park is build in some shit-ass suburb causing taxpayers to expand a new road while the infrastructure of the city is stressed.

It seems that things are just to complex for this nimrods to cover in an hour. They never answer the "why". Never the "how". They sure as hell never deal with the big picture.

For example, my city is in a death grip over mass transit. Our board just went to the Democrats 15-14. Now we are debating mass transit again. ...but you would never know that if you just relied on the local news.

I would love to know what you all think. I know there are a shit load of you; I read my sitemeter logs and know that whoever checks this site from the Dept. of State and the Mayo is here everyday. I also know that a tonne of employees from an IT outsourcer visit. So chime in any time.

Charlotte, NC: A Yummy Guide

Back to work in Charlotte this week...and next...and the week after that. I'm noticing a few things that make this town different.

First: Nobody is over 40. This could be one of the youngest towns on the planet.

Second: Downtown is called Uptown and some shit that should be a midtown is called Downtown.

Third: One could eat or drink his or her self into a coma here. I would love to make some recommendations so let's start with Brixx pizza at College and 6th. Woodfired pizza and a great atmosphere. Right next to Cosmos - which is nice segue. Cosmos makes a great martini but is a little "pretty" for my taste. But you should still check it out. Bistro 100 is a fine fine light French restaurant. With outstanding service and delicious deserts - just like the French - it is a must eat. Finally, there is a diner at the corner of Tryone and 3rd. I've been eating there everyday for breakfast...but hell, I can't remember the name. But if you are in the "hood" go down the hill on 3rd on the north-corner. Yummy! Delicious grits and fine fixins.


Next week: Ober ventures out of uptown - which is actually downtown.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Salaried Ford Employees Petition Union

...but what do I know. This is my solution to everthing.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

PSTools Vulnerability

From The Internet Storm Center:

pstools, a collection of utilities from sysinternals, do not properly disconnect from $IPC and $ADMIN shares. As a result, a local user could gain admin privileges on a remote host, if the remote host uses the tools. These tools are frequently used when analyzing malicious code. If you are using these tools, make sure you update to version 2.05

patch yo' shit (by getting a new version.)

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Another Weird-Ass Headline

"High Cholesterol Key to Drugmaker Profits" reads the headline. This article discusses how our friends in the pharma industry are kicking ass and taking names vis-a-vis your depression, obesity, cancer, and high cholesterol.

There are tonnes of lines to read betwixt here so get cracking.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Well Shit! I Didn't It Was This Simple.

Monday, July 19, 2004

A Letter to the Black Caucus

Over at VoteNader.org there is a nice letter to the Congressional Black Caucus leaders who are opposing Ralph Nader.

I say the same for the Democrats in general not just the black caucus.

Here's a taste:

You told Ralph Nader you wanted him out of the race so Bush can't appoint another right-winger to the Supreme Court, but let's look at the record.

  • Kerry promises to appoint anti-abortion judges while professing to protect a woman's right to choose.
  • The Senate Democrats confirmed right-wing Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia 98-0. Not one Democratic senator, including Gore, opposed Scalia.
  • The Democrats could have blocked right-wing Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas' confirmation - they were in control of the Senate - but 11 Democrats moved across the line to confirm Thomas 52-48 while Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell sat in his office twirling his thumbs.

You don't stop anything that hurts us!

  • You could have filibustered the tax cut for the wealthy, but you didn't.
  • You could have demanded gas efficient car engines, but instead you sanctioned the SUV and gave the auto companies an eight-year holiday without requiring better gas efficiency.
  • You could have opposed genetically engineering foods, the petroleum industry, and the WTO, but you didn't.
  • You could have opposed the federal crime bill which imprisons drug addicts for the drugs our government allowed to flow into the inner cities, but you didn't.
  • You could have opposed the "leave no child behind high stake multiple testing fraud," but instead you chose to sacrifice our children.
  • You could have said "no" to the Patriot Act, but you didn't.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Allreaders.com: Anonymous Readers Speak

Sent in by an anonymous reader, Allreaders.com is apparently a fairly decent reference.

Like Shep Proudfood in Fargo says, "I don't vouch for him". My feelings on this site.

Check It. Reprezent. Ali G Back.

After returning home on Friday night to Da Ali G Show marathon, this weekend got started in a "fit" manner.

I'm not sure anybody is even trying to argue that anybody but HBO is even worth watching when it comes to original programming. Ali G is just another example.

Make sure to tune in tonight at 10:30 eastern for the start of the new season.

More Ali G discussion to follow.

Coming Home, Children, and Dogs

So what does this title have to do with anything? Well, after a week on the road, I got home and began cutting the grass. I wasn't to far into it when I stumbled upon dog shit. "hmmmm" I thought, "I don't own a dog. Perhaps Mrs. Ober was dog sitting while I was gone". Turns out she wasn't

The fact is, my neighborhood is ripe with dog owners who assume the rest of us just love their little "scraps" or "buck" or "fluffy" or whatever. But I don't. I hate your dog - keep him off my grass.

Now apply that same mindset for parents. I don't think your precious child running through the airport, yelling in a restaurant, or putting his feet on me is kosher. Not everybody is as enamored with you little pumpkin as you.

I was once told to "get used to it" by a parent. Seems the parent couldn't understand that the rest of us aren't completely dazzled by [their] children. No I won't get used to it. ...and I don't like it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Travels With Ober

In Charlotte this week. Yes, Ober is in the dirty south. Home of sweet tea, humidity, and palmetto bugs - Roaches to you and me. I was here 11 years ago. That time, as I passed through downtown, Earl, the town sheriff, sat on the front porch of the police station drinking lemonade. Next to him was his shotgun on his right and his bloodhound, Camper, to his left. As I sped through Charlotte's dirt roads, Camper leapt to his feet and chased my car for 30 feet or so only to return obediently to his masters feet seconds later.

Today, Charlotte is new, young, and surprisingly, attempting to be hip. For lunch today, my colleague and I dined at a French restaurant (for Bastille day, of course). Last night we checked out the martini bar and a trendy eatery called "Blue". It was very yummy.

Charlotte clearly represents what many refer to as "The New South". With a skyline featuring multiple buildings no more then 8 years old, the growth here is truly impressive. Hell, they even have an ice rink closer to my hotel then Minneapolis did.

I'll give you my rating in a few days...

Friday, July 09, 2004

Movie Reviews

If you haven't seen Mystic River yet, you should do so now. Please leverage all available resources.

Ok, so seriously... I really love Unforgiven so when I heard Clint Eastwood would be directing Mystic River, I was pretty pleased.

The film has an all star cast including Sean Penn - one of my favourites.

Check it out if you have some time.

Spinsanity's Take on Farenheit 9/11

Subtitled "The Temperature at Which Michael Moore's Pants Burn", I couldn't resist reading Spinsanity's latest fact checking endeavour.

A few thoughts on the movie though:

Despite all of the questions about Moore's insinuations, there is info and footage in the movie that I had never known or seen. For example, the footage from Bush's inauguration parade was simply incredible. The egg hitting his car, the riot, and the fact that Bush couldn't get out of the car was something that you wouldn't have seen or known unless you were there. Thank you very much press corps.

The much debated issue regarding the Afghanistan pipeline is curious. But even if everything is a lie, did you know that Hamid Karzai was on the payroll of Unocal? I didn't. On its own it is interesting when you factor in all of the other members of this administration and its "friends" that served in similar roles for oil/gas companies.

At the end of the day the movie is worth something if for nothing other then the fact that it has a few "new" points of view - compared to Viacom, Disney, TimeWarner, Clear Channel, etc - and "new" information.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Armstrong Gets Yellow; Postal Punches Faces

Despite rain that soaked the 40-mile course from Cambrai to Arras, Armstrong's team still averaged more than 32 mph -- the third fastest time in the history of the event.

Read more here.

SSH and X11 Forwarding - Potentially a Problem.

I hopped over to this article last night from LinuxSecurity. Here's a snip:

If you log in via SSH to a remote server with X11 forwarding, root on that server can access your desktop, sniff your keystrokes, abuse your windows, you name it. If you have bad permissions on your ~/.Xauthority file, then anyone on that server can control your desktop.

Bottom line: Check your /etc/ssh/ssh_config file for X11 forwarding.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Best Cities For Singles

It ain't Pittsburgh. Read more here from Forbes' list. Surely a good, light read.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Searching Ober's Doxology

Want to search this site, or any other for that matter, for content? Try this "site:captainober.blogspot.com " in Google.

For example, let's say you want to search CNN.com for stories about puppies. Go to Google and type "site:www.cnn.com puppies". Your results can be found here.

I understand some simple hacking around in Google may be beneath you. But what about the "link" directive? Try "link:.com". This helps you find site linking to you. Are you familiar with the "Info:" directive?

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