Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Let Freedom "Reign"?

Happy to see the state-run media getting the info out.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

A Quick Guide to Minneapolis, MN

Ober is moving on from Minneapolis.

A few quick tips if you ever visit: Go to Uptown! Fun, trendy, and close to anyplace in the city. Uptown is located at 30th St. and Hennepin. It is close to downtown and, best of all, is located near three lakes! I was very pleasantly surprised to find 3 lakes with small craft access and beaches. Situated in the city, this area of the Twin Cities is tough to beat.

Bars close early in Minneapolis. Hell, I don't know why. We actually found a bar with happy hour at 9pm! Kick ass!

Downtown features Nicolette Ave - that's it. Don't try to shop or do anything downtown after 7pm - no joke.

So, moving on, I'm going to give Minneapolis a grade of 7 out of 10. Not bad.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Gone North Ya Hoser!

Ober's exploring the great states of Minnesota and Wisconsin this week. Blogging may be a little slow. Although, being away from work, with time to reflect on computers, I may have more computer-related posts.

In Minneapolis this week for the first time in a few years. Last time I was here it was December. I was the longest month of my life! ...but I was in St. Paul so maybe that explains a little...

A few observations: 1) The Target Center is an abomination. It is probably the ugliest arena I have ever seen. For a newer arena, it is truly an embarrassment. 2) Minneapolis is pedestrian friendly and is ramping up its light-rail - this week is the first week for light-rail actually! Good for you Minneapolis! 3) How did Minneapolis become such a diverse city? Last time I was here I was shocked to discover such a ethnically diverse city that was so cold and so far north. If you can tell me how that happened I'd be more then happy to listen.

For now, I'm back to my time off, learning and shit. But as Dick Cheney would say, "Go Fuck Yourself". If you don't, haven't the terrorists already won?

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Dilbert.com. It's That Easy!

Imagine my surprise upon discovering Dilbert.com this morning.

Monday, June 21, 2004

The Schumacher Conspiracy

Proving again that the Williams team is cursed in Indy, Ralf Schumacher found his way into the wall at nearly 200 mph on Sunday.

The problem was the delay in emergency crew response. I know; I was there. Even if you weren't there you can watch the race on the Speed Channel. You can clearly see the younger Schumacher sitting in his car for a considerable amount of time. After impacting the wall, race fans expected emergency crews on the scene before the car came to a stop - just like in any other series. But at Indy, under control of FIA, he sat there. No doctor, no fire crew, nothing.

From brother Michael who had a clear view of the damage to the car as he slowly drove past with Ralf still in it. "Obviously, that was the biggest concern I had, seeing Ralf sitting so long in the car, as soon as I was aware of Montoya's position, when I saw a BMW parked there, I said, 'No, please, please, not something bad.'"

Luckily, Schumacher was relatively fine.

I want to know why? How? But why isn't anybody talking about this? If you find links please let me know.

Ralf Schumacher's Williams BMW after impact

What the Hell is Wrong with You People?

I'm tired of asking, "You've seen the new Scions right?" and getting a blank stare.

Yikes people!

Go here. Next time I ax, I want feeback.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Upton Sinclair Bounced, Lack of Steinbeck

Frequent Readers will notice that there is a shocking lack of Steinbeck on my "Diverts en ce Moment" roster.

"Yes I will notice that."

Said frequent readers will also notice that Upton Sinclair's The Jungle has been removed.


Ober Taunts Flood Waters, Death

Despite being a few thousand feet from the river and being on high ground, the HQ of Ober Industries United was near flooding this week. Bike's were scrambled, computers were unplugged, tiles were rotor-rooted, and after all of that - we lost our sump pump. Yikes!

As the lower 3 floors of our office building were cleared out, I, Captain Ober, took matters into my own hands. Being the proud new owner of our building, which features "the one of the finest decks for drinking" according to J.B., I was a tad more nervous then I like. Frankly, when the shit you own is threatened by destruction you take on a brand new perspective - and a hell of a lot more urgency.

So long story short, I descended into the murky bottom quarters of our building to replace the sump pump and bailed out the whole joint. Now normally I have to call in backup when the headquarters has issues. This time however, I decided to do it myself. There's no substitute for taking care of your own place by yourself. After spending a few hours bailing, and working with electricity in waste-deep water, the basement was clear and somewhat dry....but sure was muddy as hell. As a bonus, I didn't die from drowning or electrocution.

So I feel like a man now. I fixed my own problems. Now that is about as rewarding as it comes! ...and so I got to thinking that the stress of owner my own HQ is pretty intense at times but the rewards of making it work - in good times and bad - is about as good of a feeling as you can get.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Pin the Answer on the President

Here is a new game that is sweeping the nation. Read the transcripts from yesterday's White House "press conference" and see if you can find one instance in which President George Bush answers the question.

Here's a taste:

Question: by what authority does the United States continue to hold the citizens of a sovereign country --

PRESIDENT BUSH: I fully agree that it's a sovereign country. That's why we're working with them to make sure that there is good security. Look, nobody wants Saddam Hussein to leave, and when there's a transfer of responsibility, we want to make sure that he is secure. He's a killer. He is a thug. He needs to be brought to trial. We want to make sure that the transfer to a sovereign government is done in a timely way and in a secure way. That's what we're discussing with the government.

Did you see that? Nice. He tactfully changes the agenda, avoids the question, reminds us all of Saddam Hussein's "thug life," and completely avoids the question. Awesome!

Mmmmm....that smells like leadership to me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Wassup Wit My Grill-a Yo

Lots of work these days. I'm transitioning to a new position - and it is hectic.

It turns out that Mr. Lind is actually alive. He was here in Oberland this weekend. He expressed no desire to update his blog.

Team Ober is doing quite well after the chaos a few weeks ago. We had several higherings and firings - all pushed out of the home office in Haifa. I'll post more about that.

The Ober press has blown the lid off of a few stories. We are putting those together as we speak. Please stay tuned.

Ober reviews is checking out several new albums these days. After getting my Lateralus cd back from a long vacation, I'm appreciating life a lot more these days. I was lucky enough to get a new copy of Bob Marley & The Wailers' 1978 live album, Babylon by Bus. It was cheap and has provided a massage to my ears with a happy ending.

PJ Harvey's new album Uh Huh Her is out and it seems pretty cool to me. All this talk of "She's going back to the 'old style' like on Rid of Me" is making Ober's pretty eyes glaze over. Why can't she just make a new album and have it judged on its merits? The album certainly stands on its own - let it be.

I picked up The Von Bondies Pawn Shoppe Heart finally. It hasn't disappointed.

Finally, what would a trip to the record store, in the summer, be without a new Beach Boys cd? I grabbed the Smiley Smile and Wild Honey double cd. It didn't sound like I remembered it on vinyl many moons ago. I need to get reacquainted with it.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Calgary Wins - At Least Mistakenly - In One Editorial

Seems that some newspapers like to submit some pieces before events even happen. Oops.

NPR Sort of Restoring Some of My Faith

While we are all fellating ourselves and each other over the wonderful presidency of Ronald Reagan, NPR has the balls to suggest that he may not have always put the facts first.

...but he restored optimism. And so the feminization of America continues as we put feelings before facts and logic.

Ohhhhhhhh......phewww. That's good. Thanks. ***Lights Cigarette***

Monday, June 07, 2004

Dumb Shit from World of Business

I particularly liked the #3 entry in the article involving the worst two advert campaigns in history: Bud Lite vs. Miller Lite.

The less funny part: The xenophobia underlying the whole debate. This is not a dry truth-in-advertising debate here -- it's two companies fighting over the right to say, "I'm more American than you." Miller has already played the patriotism card itself, calling Miller the "President of Beers" -- in contrast to Budweiser's portrayal of itself as King -- and calling Anheuser-Busch un-American for not debating them.

Not that I enjoy either of these piss-quality beers, but now I will specifically avoid them.

The Strangest Sentence I've Ever Read.

Please help Ober understand this:

Reagan's son, Michael, adopted during his first marriage to actress Jane Wyman, arrived moments after the president died after being caught in traffic, Drake said.

Ober, Tell Me More About Flying The Flag.

With a certain death in the news - that will be discussed for the next 45 days - I have renewed my usual scoldings and admonitions regarding flying Ol' Glory. For some reason, flying the U.S. Flag in a reckless manner really chaps my tender, smooth ass. I don't like it on cars, I don't like it on bumper stickers, and I sure as hell don't like it on a bumper sticker, on a car, placed crooked. I also think if you don't vote and/or you can't name a constitutional framer, you should be precluded from flying our flag. ...But that's just me.

So I did some basic Google searching and grabbed the first few worthy links.

is a site with a few tips and urban legends. It also includes the codes for flying the flag.

Next is a link dedicated to flying the flag at half-mast. What caught me by surprise was this little nugget of information:

The heads of departments and agencies of the federal government may also order that the flag be flown at half-staff on buildings, grounds and naval vessels under their jurisdiction.

Didn't know that. I have seen the deaths of priests, cardinals, and even school administrators marked by the U.S. flag at half-mast. I never thought it was appropriate then - and I still don't. But it seems to be within the rules.

Here's my reasoning: The flag represents the United States. The U.S. is a group of states acting together under the federal government. So therefore, wouldn't it follow that the federal government or a sanctioned proxy would be the sole authority in displaying the flag?

I could go on...but I got to get to work.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Hypocrisy Included with Your Two-Party System.

I ripped this shit off right from Norbizness. But I felt I had to. Seems that Bush likes to travel on the American taxpayers' time and material for party fundraising.

Let's hope the Republicans run out and ride Bush like they did that other guy.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Ober Says Goodbye

With the death of Ronald Reagan, I'm saying a few goodbyes of my own.

Seems that former President Reagan has been the punchline in one of my jokes some 7 years on. When involved in a conversation, your favourite blogger (Ober) would say something like, "Man, I haven't laughed that hard since Al Haig's toast at the Reagan funeral".

Now of course the phrase "the Reagan funeral" was the eye-raiser in the joke.

Turns our it was a great way of 1) Soliciting odd reactions from people and, 2) finding out if people would walk away thinking that they were in the dark or would just suck it up and ask, "What? Did he die? When?"

For the last 7 years I've been making people all across the world feel uncomfortable. From IP Telephony architecture meetings, family reunions, Cinco De Mayo celebrations, and Seders, people have been scratching their heads and giving me the cross-way look.

So good bye President Reagan. I can honestly say, I haven't been this upset since the Reagan funeral.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Hatch: The Latest to be Duped by the Bush Administration.

"The information released today confirms the very real and dangerous threat posed by Jose Padilla." - Utah Senator Orrin Hatch.

I'm not even going to take odds on this one. But I hate to see another human being putting party loyalty over common sense and duty to country.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

NY Times (Liberal Rag!) Endorses Open Source Voting.

Stolen from /., the article is here.

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