Sunday, May 30, 2004

Enjoy Your Holiday You Filthy Carnivores.

...or learn more about your disgusting meat eating habits here, at The Meatrix.

Friday, May 28, 2004


(Man + Hen)Sexy Love = Death

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Moveon.org: Bat-shit insane, NPR Not Much Better.

Moveon.org is claiming that 1) The Day After Tomorrow should be seen and, 2) The White House doesn't want you to see it. Almost sounds like they are indentifying themselves by what they are not doesn't it?

This is an unparalleled opportunity to help people do something to prevent a climate crisis. Twenty million people are expected to see this movie.

How stupid is that? I'm guessing the distributor of the movie loves the fact that Moveon has linked to the trailer. Nice plug.

Here is an article over at the Monitor that I enjoyed.

"It's absurd," Stone sighs. "This is basic physics that has nothing to do with projections of global change."

But we all knew that right? So why is every "news" channel talking about this movie? It is a "B" movie! There is no plot! Remember Independence Day? Remember the computer virus solution? Right - so shut up and stop talking about this movie...please.

On that note, if you contribute to public radio and television, please write the NPR ombudsman and complain about the free marketing NPR is giving this picture. Talk of The Nation: Science Friday is addressing the issues this movie raises today. Now that's a waste of my time and ear power. It is also a waste of the money this household contributes every year to public broadcasting.

As Paul Anka sang on The Simpsons, "Just don't look". That will most certainly solve most of the problem.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Happy Holiday!

Today is Shavu'ot. Enjoy your day off. What? You only get Christian holidays off at work? Interesting.

Factcheck.org "Discovered".

On it.

Hypocrisy Alert: Sudan.

Human Rights Watch has a new report out on the - ok, let's not say "genocide" - situation in Sudan.

Includes encouraging quotes like this one:

Villages have been torched not randomly, but systematically – often not once, but twice. Livestock, food stores, wells and pumps, blankets and clothing have all been looted or destroyed.

Just keep saying to yourself, "Never Again, Never Again, Never Again". Sooner or later somebody will actually stop saying and start doing. So what's it going to take to put you in some action today?

Monday, May 24, 2004

You Are the Quarry from Morrissey Released.

Last Tuesday, life became livable again upon the release of Morrissey's you are the quarry.

With the exception of one track, the record is pretty damn good. Irish Blood, English Heart, First of the Gang to Die, and You know I Couldn't Last are 3 tracks that hold their weight against any of Morrissey's finest.

If you don't like Morrissey, move along; This is not a "crossover" record like Vauxhall and I. ...But it is still pretty bad ass.

Here is what Pitchfork Media critic Brent DiCrescenzo had to say,

You Are the Quarry sounds effortless, and seemingly anything that pours from Morrissey's mouth comes wrapped in well-formed wit and melody. Some may want him to simply yearn for his homeland, or a woman, or a man, or bitterly attack pop stars or American culture, as this is seen as some sort of bold personal statement, but personalities rarely run down such black and white divisions. Creating an emotionally muddled, cantankerous, baroque, funny, longing, introspective, world-critiquing album is the most personal act a man like Morrissey makes. It trickles down to the logo on the cover, the resuscitated Attack imprint, a vinyl reggae label that has no relation to his music, yet reflects the taste and scholarship and attitude of man who began his career in music writing geeky teenage letters to NME begging for better New York Dolls coverage.

Happy Listening.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Fedora Core 2 Released; LinuxISO.org Provides Tips.

The new Fedora Core, 2, has been released from Red Hat. Head to the Fedora Project site for more info.

For those of you that may not be sure as to what you're doing, I would recommend LinuxISO.org. LinuxISO.org contains hints and help on burning .ISO images, checking your MD5 checksum, and other useful tips to successful installation and operation. I actually found that I could grab the 4 Fedora discs from them - give it a try.

If you are looking for a "Linux Community" experience, check for your local Linux Users Group or LUG.

Ober Fully Endorses Iginla and Flames.

The Calgary Flames beat the Sharks of Hockey Town West - San Jose - and move on to the finals.

Congrats Flames.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Pacers Heading to Eastern Conference Finals.

Read more here.

Nader Gains Reform Party Endorsement.

Read more here.


The most immediate priority is to overcome the deliberately obstructive ballot access barriers installed by the Democratic and Republican duopoly. In many states these barriers prevent political competition, blocking more choices and voices from third parties and independent candidates from national to local elections all over the country.

The Weekly Standard on Oil.

Caught this article by Irwin M. Stelzer over at the Standard.

It is a fairly interesting article called "Fill Her Up".

It ends however, with this quote:

Next time you can't persuade a Bush or Blair critic of the moral correctness of the U.S.-U.K. Iraq policy, try this economic argument. It might just work.

Perhaps if the Bush administration has used any persuasiveness, using the truth, we would have to "persuade" fewer people today. ...but that's just me.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Captain Ober, Great for Used Cannondales!

Like this one, which is an absolute steal! You would be a fool, and a traitor to pass this bike up.

...and did I mention the bike is made in America! U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!

Drop me a line at Captain0ber@yahoo.com for more info if need be.

Red Cross Report on Iraqi Prisons

Here is the link to the International committee of the Red Cross's report on U.S. prisons in Iraq.

I'm not adding notes, snips, or comments. Read it yourself you ignorant fucks...or shut up.

WWMD - or What Would Madison Do? (Me thinks he would read the report).

Fedora Jargon Buster.

The Fedora project has a fantastic area in the documentation section called "Jargon Buster".

Here is the link.

Hybrids and Mileage Questions

I'm getting caught up on all the stuff I have read in the last few days but didn't post because I was busy and/or sick (cold and smashed chest muscles.)

Here is an article at Wired that was originally posted at /.

The article addresses claims by owners of hybrid vehicles that state the vehicles may not get the mileage advertised.

customers who drive less than seven miles per trip will get fewer miles per gallon, as will drivers who speed. "There's a huge range of customer behavior and limited resources to collect data, so there's no perfect test."

Onion AV Club Interview w/ Lou Barlow.

Lou Barlow, of Sebadoh and Folk Implosion fame, was interviewed in The Onion's AV Club last week.

I thought it was a cool interview. So I'm posting it.

Here's a snip:

I know for a fact when it comes to the older stuff that people tell me the freakiest shit is as good as the real songs. Everybody has a different idea of what's good. The idea that there's one way that "good things" are supposed to sound? That's fuckin' bullshit.

Friday, May 07, 2004

Plus/Minus Explained.

Keeping with a hockey theme, I thought I would post an answer to a question I hear often: What is this plus/minus garbage?

Here's your answer:

A player's plus/minus is increased by one every time some on his team scores a goal either at even-strength or when shorthanded. Whenever the team is scored against while at even strength or on a powerplay while the player is on the ice his plus/minus is decreased by one.

Playoff Hockey and Yzerman's Retirement.

News from NHL.com states that mon capitaine will be back next year. Take that father time!

Don't forget to catch the NHL playoffs - Conference Finals - starting Saturday. With Detroit out, I suppose I have no choice but to root for Calgary. They are a well coached team with a tonne heart to spare. Besides, who doesn't love Jarome Iginla? He's such a cuddle-bug!

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Turkey's Constitutional Process - EU Style Beotch.

Underway in Turkey is a new constitutional debate. Brought to you by Al-Jazeera, the article is here.

I found the anti-military comments and issues a bit concerning. A quick look at Turkey's history, post-Ataturk, shows us that the military is one of the only checks on hard-right Islamists. The Turkish military, in my opinion, is sort of like the Supreme Court - just with weapons. Think of Felix Frankfurter with a MAC-10.

Of course, Justice Frankfurter never killed any Kurds that I know of....but he was a little weird.

Real Men Take Stands.

Real men like John McCain and Ralph Nader.

Please read and digest Mr. Nader's support of industrial hemp. Free our farmers from government welfare!


Grown in rotation, industrial hemp increases the yields of future crops grown on the same field. Because it is weed resistant, hemp production is less reliant on herbicides, and because it is naturally bright, paper made from hemp requires no chlorine bleach, which produces environmental toxins, in addition to its rail transportation risks.

As a fast-growing plant, it can be a good candidate for biobased fuel blends, helping to minimize our reliance on petroleum. This is why James Woolsey, former head of the CIA strongly supports legalizing industrial hemp agriculture. It is already making automobiles more sustainable by replacing toxic and difficult to recycle glass-filled car parts.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

50 ft. Wave.

I'm talking about Kristen Hersh's new band.

And to go with that, here is the best quote I have seen in a long, long, while:

"But it means that popular music doesn't have much to do with music, the way candy doesn't have much to do with food...."

The Constitution: Helping Immigrants Get Better Jobs.

U.S. English, Inc is a group dedicated to advancing a constitutional amendment making English the official language of the U.S.

Here is a snip from their latest press release:

It is unfortunate that many of our political leaders make no effort to help immigrants with the most critical link to higher income and escaping poverty - learning English.

Follow the logic: This country has immigrants, immigrants don't speak English, English is helpful when applying for employment and helps one keep a job, therefore, the Constitution should be amended to help immigrants get jobs and escape poverty.

Are there any good conservatives left?

The Case for War.

Call me a Neo-Con if you will, but ass kicking time has arrived again. This time in Nigeria.

How can this not qualify as worthy of "Liberation?"

OK advocates of the war in Iraq, now is your time to step up and be heard.

Crazy Shit from Townhall.

I have no idea who Amy Ridenour is. Apparently she is one of the "Young Turks" of the right. Nevertheless, in my opinion she is just a nationalist - as opposed to a conservative. But you probably guessed that already. Good conservatives are hard to find these days. I suppose one could argue that good liberals are equally rare.

Here is what our little scholar has to say about the recent letter from a group of U.S. diplomats to George W. Bush:

Isn't that just like a diplomat? Even when retired, they call upon our government to take orders from foreigners.

Moron. That is just what diplomats do, Amy - they take orders from Indonesia and Belgium.

Here's the whole "piece."

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Ober Drops Weight, Black Hammer on Opponents.

Friday, April 30th, I woke up, hit the scale and was shocked to learn I had come within 1 pound of my "race weight." The scale said 160 pounds. That meant I was way ahead of schedule and pretty darn lean. There was a good chance this could be a good weekend. I called Dr. Ornsky and Dr. Lieber - they were pleased as well.

On Friday night, the team checked into the hotel. Naturally, Dr. Ornsky stayed at a nicer hotel - but we expect that these days. After a good night's sleep we awoke to pouring rain.

The team moved out to the track on Saturday morning. We were there with everything set up by 8:30 am. The crew was phenomenal. Abe Hasten, my crew chief made a few final adjustments to the bike and I was off for the pre-ride - in the cold rain. The course was wet but there was plenty of grip and no standing water. The tight single-track was going to be a problem for passing. I was trying to think ahead, trying to figure how I was going to deal with the traffic when the race started.

By 11:30 - 32 minutes before start - we were scrambling to figure out what I would wear. Schmoigal Husain and Ruth Rothbaum, my equipment team, were struggling to come up with a combination. Minutes before the start, we decided to skip the booties and the long-sleeves. It was a gamble. If it got any colder I would be in trouble. As it was, my feet were going to be numb when I finished and I would have no protection from the elements. But if it got warmer, as our meteorologist, Aida Abraham predicted, we would have an advantage.

At 12:02 the horn sounded and we were off - everyone except me. My chain slipped and I was in last place. Not a good start. I was furious. I knew I was going to lose valuable time by being held up by slower traffic.

About 4 miles in however, I knew something was different. I had passed about 8 or 9 riders and I knew I was pacing myself and they weren't. I could see a tonne of riders ahead and I was closing on them - closing very quickly.

By the 9th mile I had passed half of the field! I could see others just ahead. I was teamed with another rider and as we passed through the crowd I saw 3 other slower entries. I yelled at him, "Let's catch those guys before they get to the woods." I came out of the saddle and saw them all look back. I passed my partner and headed for the next group. They apparently thought they needed to hold me off - bad idea. I didn't catch them before they hit the trees but by the time they did get back to the single-track they were out of gas. I easily passed them and noticed I had lost my partner. I had picked up another 4 places and I still had 9 miles to go.

The mud was taking it toll on my bike though. I was losing gears and developing bad chain suck. By mile 10 my chain had completely taken a leave of absence. I was furious. As I jumped off the bike I was passed by a slew of riders. Again, I was furious - but this time I was feeling beaten. The chain had cost me at least 60 seconds and maybe 6 places. Then when I got back on the bike I noticed I forgot to take my gloves off - they were caked with mud. Oops.

Another 1/2 mile in and I was flying off my bike. I couldn't hold on due to the mud on my hands and grips. I landed on my left side cutting my shoulder, stomach, hip, and knee. Ouch. I jumped back on just trying to salvage something from the day. I was at least bleeding - so that was a plus. I was feeling like a man.

Whether it was rage, pride, or the power bars, I found myself in the mix of riders again. I passed one of the guys for the 3rd time. Others for the second. Before I knew it, I was moving along. Then I heard a group ahead of me - they were chatting away. I was furious. I think they thought I was out of the picture. That served as my motivation for the last 4 miles.

Every switchback I could hear them. Some I could see them. I was getting closer every time. But would I have enough to catch them before the end? I ditched my glasses because they were caked with mud. I was out of water because I used it to clean the glasses and my chain. It was going to be a stretch.

With a mile to go, I was 70 feet from them and closing faster then I imagined. They still had no idea I was there. As we hit the final stretch and blew through a stream and passed into the spectators, I was full of competitive rage and adrenaline. So much so that as we came to a small rise, closed too quickly on the riders and had to brake. I passed them both but was in a bit of a pickle - I had lost my momentum and was in a bad, bad gear.

I did my best to hold them off but didn't. I couldn’t get the drive train wound up again. All three of us raced to a photo finish. I finished behind both of them with one rider passing me with 5 feet to the finish. Bummer.

In retrospect, I should have parked right behind them until the final stretch. They didn't know I was there so they wouldn't have planned for it. I picked a poor time and place to pass - I should have known better.

In the end, despite the horrible circumstances, I finished 10 minutes off the lead in the top 1/3 of the field. I'll meet with my team, work out the issues, and prepare to kick gentile ass in two weeks.

Take Care of Your Shoes and They Will Take Care of You.

If you are a mountain biker and not sure what shoes to wear, I believe I can answer. I strongly recommend the SIDI Dominator 4.

I bought mine 4 years ago because the guy at the bike store, while replacing my shitty Shimano shoes, said, "Well, I can sell you that pair you have now and see you in a year or I can sell you these and never see you again." He was correct.

The entire SIDI MTB product line is here.

Finally, I would like to post my advice on taking care of those new shoes after they get smashed against a tree, caked with mud, and soaking wet.

First, it probably isn't a great idea to apply any detergents or other agents. Keep that stuff away. Just grab a wet rag or a soft scrubbing cloth. Clean off the "funk" from the top and bottom - don't forget to get the area around the cleats cleared out. Also, make sure all the moving parts - the buckles - are cleaned. Then wait until they dry out if they were completely saturated.

Now that your SIDI's are free of gunk and dry, grab your Triflow and baby oil. Apply Triflow to your buckles. Wait a minute to ensure the Triflow doesn't spread to the shoe itself. If it does, grab a rag and soak it up.

Next, grab a clean rag and the baby oil. Dab a little baby oil on the rag and apply liberally to your mud-free SIDIs. Easy. When you are done, your 4 year old SIDI will look brand new.

If you treat your SIDIs as an investment in reliability, comfort, and performance, they will certainly pay dividends for years to come.

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