Sunday, February 29, 2004

Crazy Holocaust Denying Shenanigans Hutton Gibson Style.

The subtitle for this post should be: "How Mitch Albom got it wrong and why he should stick to sports."

Hutton Gibson, Mel's (the star of Lethal Weapon 4) father is a holocaust skeptic. Now the issue here is not how stupid or ridiculous that is. Rather the issue is how our friend Mitch Albom wrote this:

Instead, to date, Gibson has refused to fully refute his father. He acknowledges the Holocaust, but says, "Nothing can drive a wedge between me and my blood. He's my father. I love him."

Here's the link.

But, Mel did say this:

Do I believe that there were concentration camps where defenceless and innocent Jews died cruelly under the Nazi regime? Of course I do; absolutely," he said. "It was an atrocity of monumental proportion.

Here's the link.

Mitch wrote his article on Feb 22nd and Mel spoke at least 3 days earlier. Nicely done. Saying "It was an atrocity...." seems to say, 1) I believe it happened and 2) It sucked ass. I'm just not sure what Albom is looking for.

Now if only we can get Hutton to spend a day with a survivor. Or perhaps that old dog can't learn new tricks...I don't know.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

The Levant: Where Cooler Heads Prevail and Justice Reigns Supreme.

From Al-Jazeera:

"And former Justice Minister Yossi Beilin told Israel's Channel One television he doubted the government could prove that the money it seized was earmarked for militant groups.
However, Yuval Steinitz, a lawmaker from the ruling Likud party, said that did not matter.
"We are in a war against the Palestinians and the Palestinian Authority. It is not about proof," he said."

Get the straight poop here.

Haaretz has the same story, just sans the inflamatory quotes. Go here to read their version.

Monday, February 23, 2004

SparkNotes: Understand What You are Reading!

While on a conference call today, I came across SparkNotes. SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble and appears to be free. If you find otherwise, please let me know.

One can find reference to works of Philosophy, Literature, and even History.

Spark away fancy pants!

So you still wish to vilify the ACLU?

Fine. Read this and then try to legitimize your attacks on them.

The real question is: Why are you not a member of the ACLU? Just do what I do: Send them a cashiers check. That way your payment to these America-haters can't be traced to your frequently queried bank records.

Of course, you should always pay for your copy of 2600 with cash. ...But you knew that already right?

Climate Change and War: Pentagon Style.

Three interesting articles detailing the Pentagon's resent study into global climate change. (Please notice that I didn't use the term "Global Warming.")

The first comes from Al-Jazeera. If you had a chance to see or hear it on the network, good for you. If not, here is the link.

The second link comes from Fortune. These guys are a real bastion for liberal thinking right? Well, here's the article.

Finally, The Observer gives us this article and this quote from the Pentagon's report:

"An imminent scenario of catastrophic climate change is 'plausible and would challenge United States national security in ways that should be considered immediately', they conclude. As early as next year widespread flooding by a rise in sea levels will create major upheaval for millions."

Kick Ass! I'm heading to my Hummer dealer this afternoon!

If anyone can track down the actual Pentagon report, please let us know.

Ober's Doxology Endorses Nader.

No surprise to anyone that knows the Captain or his staff, we here at Ober's Doxology heartily endorse Ralph Nader for President in 2004.

Please head out to Mr. Nader's candidacy website for more details on the campaign.

I will be updating my site with all sorts of Nader info so stay tuned.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Two Articles I Highly Recommend.

Imagine my disappointment upon discovering that my subscription to Foreign Affairs magazine was all for naught. One can simply go to the website and read until his or her heart is content. And I recommend that you do!

My first recommendation is an article called the "A Duty to Prevent." Currently I am being abused over at Public Opinions for a stance similar to the authors of this article.

The second recommendation comes from our crazy friends over at Cato. It is titled, "Deployed in the U.S.A.: The Creeping Militarization of the Home Front." The article includes some interesting assertions and discussion of posse comitatus legislation.

Read, enjoy, and feel free to comment. ...And please remember to not jump all over my ass for posting this. Remember: I didn't write it and I didn't say I necessarily agreed with it. We are discussing here!

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Proof Positive. It is Time to Move to Fiji.

Head shake, head shake, head shake.

Thank you and good night.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Rich on the "Teat Offensive."

The pasty-covered obscenity that invaded our homes between the erectile dysfunction commercials gets a comment or two from the NY Times' Frank Rich

"You can argue that Jackson is the only honest figure in this Super Bowl of hypocrisy. She was out to accomplish a naked agenda - the resuscitation of a fading career on the eve of a new album's release - and so she did. She's not faking much remorse, either."

Viva Senora Jackson!

I'll tell you this much, if Justin Timberlake would have stood up and said, "fuck you , fuck you, fuck you, you're cool. I'm out" I would have bought every one of his albums and decorated my house with his likeness. He didn't. Instead he proved he's a bitch. A slave to the man.

All the while we prove that we are puritanical hypocrites with short attention spans undeserving of our own country and the framework that our human but brilliant founders put forth.

Viva indeed.

Nuggets Drop T-Wolves by 98.

Members of the Timberwolves Franchise or Impostors?

In one of the most lopsided contests in the history of all sports, the Denver Nuggets crushed the Minnesota Timberwolves 112-14 on Monday. Led my Carmello Anthony, who scored 34 in the first quarter, the Nuggets rushed out to a 54-0 lead by the 5:23 mark in the 2nd quarter.

Anthony, a perspective candidate for rookie of the year, had to leave the game with 9 minutes left in the half due to a mild laceration caused by a bite to his calf. Said Anthony, "We wasn't trying to run of the score or nothing. It was like they had never played before. It wasn't an issue of sportsmanship in my eyes...What are we supposed to do? They just couldn't get the ball in basket you know?"

T Wolves coach Flip Saunders was irate following the blow out and refused to meet with reporters.

Fans were not amused either. "I didn't even recognize that team" said Burnsville resident and fan, Shelly Gouperny. "I spent my money to see Garnett, Cassell, and Spree. I don't know who that was."

13-year-old ball boy, Lewis Wilson added, "That motherfucker tried to bite me when I went to rack the balls. I'm just doing my job man."

At time-to-press, it is unclear as to whether or not GM Kevin McHale held a fire sale over the All-Star break or traded many of the team leaders for members of the Canis Lupis species.

Said Denver Post sports columnist Woody Paige, "The issue really isn't how they got blown out by 98. The question that begs to be answered is how the Nugget let them score 14 points."

Friday, February 13, 2004

Honest to Goodness Political Discourse.

This site seems to think John Kerry is a communist and an all-around schmuck.

Try to keep a straight face.


This will all go away. He will be tried, 4 months from now, for storing pornography on his computer. Nobody will run a correction on the front page, and most Americans will think of him as a traitor....Just like that one guy.

The Strokes and the 35 minute Show.

I caught this notice about The Strokes' new tour.

Ashford Tucker details the last Strokes show he caught saying, "No fuckups. Commendable, really. These kids were the real deal. " Of course they only played for 35 minutes. I could rock the house sans fuckups for 35 minutes.

Maybe the free press passes that Ashford gets have gone straight to the membrane. No band that plays 35 minutes gets one positive peep out of me. If I pay over $12 for tickets, you owe me at least 1 1/2 hours of tunes. No excuses.

I've seen the Strokes. They rocked. Their albums are great. But 35 minutes without an earthquake, fire, tornado or all three is - well - inexcusable.

To WMD, We Bid Bon Nuit.

This will be the last post Ober's Doxology will run pertaining to the Bush administrations trumped up WMD claims. In the event that WMD - nuclear, biological, or chemical - are found, I will post something.

So to take us home tonight, we post this piece from Seth Ackerman titled, "The Great WMD Hunt: The media knew they were there--but where are they?"

If you believe their is a liberal media or you take one word of what ANY member of the press says, you are a fool. If you get your news from talk radio, you are a fool and a disgrace to liberal democracy.

The Bush administration either failed to recognize and comprehend the tactical situation or directly and purposefully misled the American public. While all this was happening the media played along. Either way, we give the media and the administration, partners in deception, a vote of "No Confidence."

In regards to Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq:

We accuse the media and administration of subverting democracy by: 1) Failing to provide and foster the open and truthful flow of information necessary and vital to democracy, 2) Failing to obtain, provide, detail, and convey credible information, 3) Whether purposefully or mistakenly, misrepresenting people, facts, places and situations so by proving detrimental to vital decision making processes, and 4) Failing to challenge and question assertions made but any and all parties.

Case closed.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Al-Baradai: A Laugh Riot!

Muhammed Al-Baradai, in my humble opinion, is funnier then Chris Rock, Larry David, and Paul O'Neil - Combined. Read for yourself:

"We must abandon the unworkable notion that it is morally reprehensible for some countries to pursue weapons of mass destruction yet morally acceptable for others to rely on them for security - and indeed to continue to refine their capacities and postulate plans for their use..."

See? Hilarious!

Al-Baradai, clearly an America-hater and non freedom-lover goes on:

"We must universalize the export control system, remove these loopholes, and enact binding, treaty-based controls — while preserving the rights of all states to peaceful nuclear technology. We should also criminalize the acts of people who seek to assist others in proliferation."


"If the world does not change course, we risk self-destruction"

Where is this guy performing? I mean seriously folks! I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe...Ohh gosh, I just wet myself.

The script for this act is here and one synopsis is here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Nessus: The Thrill-ogy Ends.

The 3rd and final installment of the Nessus "thrill-ogy" from Security Focus is out. Part 3 addresses how we can understand all that crazy output from our scans.

If you are wondering, "Ober, what the hell are you talking about?' Go here, into my archives.

Here is an answer you don't want to hear: "My God! Get me a DCOM coder on the phone!"

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Ober, I Don't Want to Read about Being Deceived.

Fair enough. That is why we here at Ober's Doxology have provided you with a audio clip "documenting" the administration's WMD/Iraq invasion "liecycle."

Via George (who is blogging like a maniac these days.)

Prepare to take a trip down memory lane and make certain that your head is ready for all the frustrated shaking.

Monday, February 09, 2004

A Fantastic Football Reference Site.

Remember the 1998 Arizona Cardinals?

a site that can help you ask - and answer - some perplexing trivia questions!

Perhaps the site deserves a link on Ober's Doxology?

Argue with Your Co-Workers - The Logical Way!

There are a number of sites out there that can help the struggling logician or office jackass.

Here is one and here is the other that I dig. ...And as a bonus, check this one out.

Don't tell me you don't work with the guy that "debates" with co-workers from 7:30 until 11:30, does lunch, then debates from 2:30 to 5:00.

Maddox on O'Reilly

From what I gather, Maddox is an acquired taste. So be it. I have acquired the taste. Here is Maddox's take on Bill O'Reilly.

From Maddox:

"Speaking of his shitty new book, there's a quote in it saying "in order to be truly successful you have to be brutally honest with yourself. Excuses and rationalizations have to be put aside. You must define your own life," continuing with the definition he's giving you for your life "[and] not let others do it for you." Wow, thanks Bill! You condescending son of a bitch. As if he wasn't already a giant self-collapsing vortex of hypocrisy, there are literally thousands of other examples I could cite of him "defining" people's lives. For example, regarding people who support Michael Jackson, he said "all Americans should remain on the sidelines and watch the process." Oh really? Does that include you, Bill? Or are broad sweeping generalizations about what "Americans should do" inapplicable to you?"

Anger-Powered Autos.

"By drawing a significant percentage of its motive power from the unbridled temper of the American motorist, the new anger-powered car will change, or at least take mechanical advantage of, the way Americans drive," General Motors vice-chairman Robert A. Lutz said. "We plan to have these furiously efficient machines careening down America's highways, byways, and sidewalks within two years."

...read for yourself.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Sports: The Meritocracy - Most of the Time.

The NFL is still fighting pre-college "grads" participating in the NFL draft. Actually, the restriction is 3 years on from high school graduation. But the courts seem to disagree. Here are the takes of ESPN and The Detroit Free Press.

Professional sports is neither in the business of education nor should it be concerned with maturity. In sports, especially the professional levels, skill is everything. The NFL should follow the lead of the NBA, NHL, MLB, and others. It should allow all able-bodied candidates to be eligible for employment.

Anything else would be....Well, un-American.

Update: There is no better way to have your comments and the post deleted than to mention my employer or my personal info.

Slippers Stolen.

Little Canada, MN - "Oh Jesus H. Fucking Christ on a mother fucking popsicle stick. Oh fuck me running! God Damn it all to hell!" These are the words of Little Canada, MN resident Royce Gimble, as his slippers are found to be believed missing. This discovery occurred precisely 3 minutes ago.

Gimble, who works for Trusted Machinery in nearby Roseville arrived home 4 minutes ago to find his slippers stolen.

"I'm going to literally fucking kill the dirty, greasy cock-sucker who stoled them....fucking kill em. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck....Somebody is going to fucking die. All I ask is to have the heat on in this shit hole house, some fucking food on the table and god damned slippers to keep my little elf feet warm. Ahhhhh, fuck!"

Gimble commented minutes later, "Oh shit, here they are. Shit."

An artist's rendition of Gimble's "stolen" footwear.

The Light and The Depressing from Al-Jazeera.

I found this short story on homing pigeons to be fairly interesting - and sort of humourous. Seems that they navigate by landmarks rather than witchcraft.

This second story is the depressing one. Hooray for Uzbekistan! 6000 political prisoners and counting! Wasn't Colin Powell just there?

Quick note: Al-Jazeera is a Television network. I got an email the other day saying that the stories were really brief. All true; These stories are a quick synopsis of the televised story that is run on the network.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Tom Delay: One More Reason to Give Him the Side-ways Glance.

Unless you're a cracker from Texas or Wyoming, I can think of no reason to agree or identify with Tom Delay (R- TX).

Here is more .... Curious.... behaviour. It was also noted in yesterday's monitor.

Decide for yourself. Just a tip for readers: The issues here isn't the charity. This issue is the access. But again, decide for yourself. Do a google search and see what you find. Let me know.

General Housekeeping.

I'm adding movies to the "diverts ce moment" section. I was sitting in the hot tub at the gym the other night, and I thought about the movie "Affliction." So, I figured, "Hey, it's my blog. I can do what I want."

If you haven't seen "Affliction,"......You should. It is a great movie about one fucked up family. Nick Nolte is fantastic and James Coburn with Willem DaFoe take the cake.

So from now on, starting with "Affliction," I'm adding film to the links on this blog. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Candidate Bush and Gas Prices.

As I was filling up my vehicle (which gets 36 mpg) today, I looked up to discover I was paying $1.73 per gallon. Then I thought, "Hey, wasn't George Bush supposed to do something about this?"

Remember back in 2000 when Bush attacked the Clinton-Gore administration for high prices at the pump? So how much has changed?

Here is an article from CNN called gas politics. Here is a quote,

Bush says it's a problem of supply and demand. His answer? Increase supply -- internationally. And the Texas governor doesn't understand why the Clinton Administration can't get more oil production from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Mexico. "These are countries with which we should have enormous amounts of capital, it wasn't that long ago that President Bush helped Kuwait and the U.S. helped Mexico," Bush said three months ago.

Then there is this from then Governor Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin,

"While the administration is asleep at the wheel, consumers are being 'Gored' at the pumps," he said, in a loaded reference to the vice president and presumptive Democratic nominee for president."

And then there is this from Salon,

On Sunday Bush began a new attack of his own by blaming the Clinton administration for high gas prices. Bush said that he was considering calling for suspension of the 4.3-cent-per-gallon sales tax implemented by the administration in 1993. Bush and other Republican legislators like Trent Lott have labeled it the "Clinton-Gore tax." Bush also accused the Clinton administration of botching foreign policy by not putting enough pressure on oil-producing nations to reduce their prices. He said he would urge Kuwait, Mexico and Saudi Arabia to "open the spigots" and noted that his father had developed some political capital with those countries. "These are countries where it wasn't all that long ago that a President Bush helped Kuwait, or a United States helped Mexico," Bush said.

Should gas prices be higher? Yes. Should one have believed Bush in 2000 when he said he would pressure OPEC to go easy on the 'ol USA? If one were an idiot.

He's was bullshitting us then and he's bullshitting us now. So Dubya, where is my cheap gas that you promised?

NHL Live! I Just Found It!

I have been so upset with the lack of hockey coverage on TV. We have 300 fuckin' stations in this house (that was Jess's call by the way) so I would think we could get a little stick and puck action. Nope. Nothing. Not a thing.

Well, NHL Live isn't on TV, but at least you can get 2 hours of hockey talk.


Microsoft: Quick Responders to Your Security Needs.

From Security Focus,

Concern that the 'faking it' flaw - which emerged in early December - could aid the cause of fraudsters has driven the issue further up Microsoft's security agenda. A fix for the flaw was not released earlier in order to allow testing, Stuart Okin, Chief Security Officer at Microsoft UK, recently told El Reg. The phishing problem is much bigger an issue than an IE flaw which might allow a fake URL to be displayed in the address and status bars of visiting Web surfers, he said.

Read more here.

For more detailed info on the vulnerability that came out on the 9th.....of December, go here and get the patch.

James Bovard on the TSA.

If you haven't read or listened to James Bovard, I highly recommend you do so. James and I have a lot in common: We hate big government, we hate corruption, we hate your dog, we hate your kids, and we hate you.

Here's his article called, "Dominate. Intimidate. Control." You ask, "Can I have a snip before I ignore this article?" Yes:

There is no series of tricks or reforms that will guarantee safe air travel. But a first step toward better security is to recognize the facades the feds have created. The TSA should no longer be permitted to burden travelers or taxpayers. The armies of federal agents occupying American airports should be disbanded. In the meantime, airports and airlines must not be shielded from liability if their negligence results in carnage. The specter of devastating liability lawsuits could produce more innovations and sounder security policies than the incentives produced by Washington political circuses.

What Pardon The Interruption Can Teach Us.

I was reading SpinSanity today and thought of a solution to some of the 4th estates problems. You say, "Ober, what problems are you talking about? I love Lou Dobbs!" The problems, documented daily on SpinSanity, are repeated distortions, misinterpretations, and lies....amoung other problems.

So here is the solution and how PTI comes into play. At the end of every show, Tony Kornheiser says "That's all the show we have for today boys and girls. Stat boy is here to tell us what we got wrong." At that point stat boy, Tony Reali, points out all of the flaws and errors the hosts made during the show. The corrections are followed by Kornheiser saying, "...We'll try to do better next time."

I know it's PTI's schtick but this humility and attention to detail is something the "real" press needs.

The next question, of course, is, "Ober, are you serious? You watch PTI?" Yes, I love it!

Israel has Nuclear Weapons? Huh?

Israel will release nuclear whistle-blower, Mordechai Vanunu, in April. This article is from Al-jazeera. I tried to find something from Haaretz to no avail. If you find something, let me know.

I was thinking, Israel should be careful. If they don't submit to U.N. inspectors and comply with U.N. mandates they will be ripe for invasion.

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